Several years ago, my wife and I decided to have an in-ground pool installed at our home. After consulting several pool installers we decided on Hewitt Pools. The pool was installed on time and at a very competitive price.

We have been completely satisfied with the pool and continuing services by Mr. Hewitt.

Recently we discovered that we had a leak somewhere in the pool’s piping system. Mr. Hewitt and his crew worked diligently to locate and repair the problem. Upon completion of the work I asked Mr. Hewitt for the bill and he told me that there was no charge. He explained that the problem could have been because of faulty pipe, even though the unit was installed 14 years earlier.

I couldn’t recommend more highly the services of Hewitt Pools.

Joe Hudson
Florence, SC

We would like to “thank” Alvin Hewitt, Hewitt Pools for the beautiful pool he installed in our yard. Alvin’s professional expertise guided us in each step of construction and gave us many helpful suggestions as to what we needed. Alvin knows “pool” construction better than anyone we have ever used! Many friends and out-of-town guest have marveled at our pool, pool house and general surroundings. Alvin was so quick to respond to any problem we ever had. Thank Alvin for a job “well done”.

Julia & Charles McLaurin

Two years ago after much research we choose Hewitt Pools to install our first in ground pool.  Our backyard is small, and it was a  very tight area for the work.  Mr. Hewitt and his team expertly maneuvered their equipment that did not damage any of our existing fence or house. The installation went smoothly with Mr. Hewitt on site EACH day. Once the actual pool was installed, they did and excellent job in preparing, grading, and pouring the concrete work around the pool. We have had absolutely no problems with the pool however recently we needed to replace the pool light due to small leak in the bulb. Mr. Hewitt quickly responded and replaced it at his cost! Hewitt Pools would certainly be my choice again if I ever needed to install another pool.

Larry and Diane Leeper